COVID-19 Dilemmas

Ugh. Double Ugh.
I’m so sorry that you have to think about this, but don’t worry we will make it as joyous of a time planning and celebrating as if the world were “normal” – I mean what does that mean anyways?!

We have spent the past couple of months making change of date plans and fielding tons of “what if” questions. Though like every wedding, each answer can be customized for you, but for a quick run-down here are some general answers:

Q : When should I send out my invitations?
A : Generally we say 8 weeks in advance, minimum. With what’s going on in the world right now, we are leaning to the 6 weeks out mark.

Q : What if I’ve already booked you and want to change my date?
A : The easy part – I’m here to help you and will do everything in my power to make a change as painless for you and your wallet, now breeeeeeathe. The nitty gritty – it depends on where we are in the process. I’m not worried about design changes, unless you’re switching from nautical to halloween, but if we have printed pieces already we’ll need to do reprints but I’ve been working with all of my printers to get amazing discounts. It will all be OK!

Q : Is there anything I should be doing differently to my wedding invitations because of the Corona Virus?
A : I highly recommend setting up a website so that you can easily change details, without cost and we will list that site on your cards. I also suggest adding a line on your response (RSVP) card for quick contact details if needed, like email address and possibly phone numbers. We can have fun with the wording, too!

Q : Any tips for helping me with this added stress?
A : HIRE A PLANNER! We work with THE BEST planners and they will pay for themselves 10 fold in these trying times. Seriously, before you even pay me a cent, I would put your money into hiring a planner, even for just month of coordination – check out our Vendors We Love page.